Fun To Learn I Know! Magazine

I Know! magazine is no longer published. Digital issues are available to buy online.

Every fun and educational issue of I Know! magazine has pages packed with bite-sized facts for curious minds!
Aimed at 4+ years, I Know! magazine supports the Early Years Curriculum framework and STEAM subjects.

Activities and Cool Crafts

Enhance learning with every fun-filled issue! There are creative crafts, engaging activities, challenging puzzles, science experiments and fun recipes to make.

Amazing Facts and Photos

Every issue has fun facts, incredible world records and fascinating images for children to enjoy.

Where To Buy

Issue #9 is the last issue. I Know! magazine is no longer available to buy in store.


Make learning fun while supporting core school subjects like Science, English and Maths for Key Stage 1, along with the Early Years Curriculum, helping children to develop key skills.

Sticker Fun and Poster

Each issue comes with loads of stickers to use in the magazine, plus a pull-out poster.

Market leading children's magazines!

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