Peppa Pig Bag O’ Fun Sample Pages

Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Bag O' Fun Magazine

Peppa Pig Bag O’ Fun includes a highly interactive Peppa Pig activity magazine and other Peppa Pig gifts, keeping children happy for hours on end. This wonderful activity pack guarantees parent / grown-up and child interactivity!

Read-along Story and Activities

Enhance learning with a fun read-along story which runs throughout the magazine, along with lots of engaging activities along the way!


Each issue has prize draws to win amazing prizes! Plus the Peppa’s Gallery page features our readers’ pictures with a chance to win a prize.

Magic Painting and Colouring

Each issue comes with a Peppa Pig colouring booklet and a Magic Painting book which will have children spellbound as the pages change colour with water!


Each magazine supports the Early Years Curriculum, helping children to develop important key skills.

Sticker Fun and Gifts

Each issue comes with loads of stickers to use in the magazine, plus amazing Peppa Pig gifts to play with and enjoy.

Where To Buy

Available from leading supermarkets, all good newsagents and online.

Market leading children's magazines!

Peppa Pig Bag O Fun

Helen B“Thanks for a great Peppa pack!”

Peppa Pig Bag O Fun

Sarah M“My Peppa mad son had fun making the Peppa castle! Thanks Peppa.”

Peppa Pig Bag O Fun

Ruth M –“Kept my daughter happy on our flight! She loved the carnival toys.”