Competition winners for website competitions.

FTL Make and Bake

Winners to be announced on 24th November!

Sparkle World magazine #283
competition winners!

To be announced! 

Two By Two
competition winners!

Mark Madeley, Sophie Dempsey, John Marley, Lorna Perry and Emily Walker.

Fun To Learn Bundle
competition winner!

Claire Brady, Jasmine Bell, Gary Glabburn and Beverley Bulch.

Bananas bundle
competition winners!

 David Allen, Lyn Gillespie, Kerry Karuna-Nidhi, Sophie Dempsey and Loretta McDonald.

Tiny Pop TV bundle
competition winner!

Samantha Brown

NEW! Bing Magazine 3-issue subscription
competition winners!

Ursula Hunt, Samantha Long, Caroline Pawson and Jo Welsh!

No-Bot picture book bundle.
competition winners!

Natalee Gosiewski, Ann Millican, Natasha Kimber, Jade Beresford, Audrey Tebbs, Janie-Fleur Matcham, Sally Amey, Rebecca Andrews, Daniel Harrison and Ian White!

Outdoor toys from Learning Resources®
competition winner!

Angie Belcher

Dino-tastic Smashers
competition winners!

Fiona Parr, Sophie Grayling, Gill Barry and Brenda Hackett.

Rainbocorns bundle
competition winner!

Tina Cole

Fun To Learn Friends magazine
MEGA prize winner!

Jacqueline Matalau

Trolls World Tour
competition winners!

Laura Kelvin, Dee Gabbiatas, Amy Tidd, Lauren Price, Abigail Craig, David Walker, Andrew Wedge, Kimberley Jane, Claire Butlet and Kayleigh Beirne.

Rainbow Dreams Unicorn
competition winners!

James Bruce, Karen Turton, Christina Finlay, Holly King, Shelley Steggles, Carry Bradbury, Emma Evans, Hayley Chambers, Neil Perry and Sandy Smith.

Kids Amazon 7 tablet with TINY POP
competition winners!

Jennifer Wlodyka and Angela McDonald

Tefal Peppa Pig pancake pan
competition winners!

Leelee Newsome, Tracey Senior, Diane Radford, Abigail Crispino, Danielle Potts, Matilda Whitehead, Hannah Eaton, Yvonne Brownsea, Abigail Craig, Sophie Grayling, Maria Teixeira, Lucy Heath, Lucy Robinson, Cindy Gillespie and Ria Jones.

Redan’s 30th birthday celebration
competition winners!

Jenny White, Hannah Dawson, Portia Forster, Aimee Spraggs and Gemma Larsen.
More winners to be announced!

Competition winners for the I Know! magazine.

I Know! #1 Competition Winners!
Jack Mustchin, Lonnie Turner and Douglas Mant.

I Know! #2 Competition Winners!
Ellie McBribe, Helen Tindall, Primrose Barakat, Arlene Henderson, Mason McDermid and Isla Pacey!

I Know! #3 Competition Winners!
Phoebe Sterry, Calum McLeod, Samuel Harvey and Jan Richards.

Batman Imaginext Bundle Winner!
Flynn Beard

I Know! #4 Competition Winners!
Luke Tedford, Lily Taylor and Poppy Friar!

I Know! #5 Competition Winners!
Connie Stockley, Laura Kelvin, Mae Ellis, Niamh Wilson, Tilly Holden, Frankie Tosney and Hollie Holderness.

I Know! #6 Competition Winners!
Comp 6a: Ahkierah Holland, Cameron Stewart, Dylan Coen and Melissa Hira!
Comp 6b: Colin Pollock, Wezley Bartin, Hugo Newborough, Kaila Smith and James England!

I Know! #7 Competition Winners!
Sasha Lulham, Naomi Brett, Christopher Jones and Sam Titmuss!

I Know! #8 Competition Winners!
To be announced when competition closes.

I Know! #9 Competition Winners!
To be announced when competition closes.